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My present costume is not as graceful, certainly, but far more comfy than if I wore skirts: sweater above and trousers - bicycle trousers - below, ending in felt stockings when the weather is cold, and low shoes when it is warm. In the house I wear a…

During the deep snow I wore skis. At first the long wooden runners bothered me. But gradually, I became accustomed to them and could travel much faster than I could without them. It is much like skating save that the feet always point straight ahead.…

Once in a great while I have a streak of energy. In those rare moments I hastily grab my painting kit and sally forth in quest of a picture - I don't always get it, but sometimes I do. The other morning as I sat by the sitting room window, I happened…

Chapter V describes provisioning for the winter.

Illustration of Van Buren Point.

In the morning the gale had died down a little and I then saw what I never expect to see again. The bluff, for yards back from its edge, was sheathed in ice - every blade and spear of grass stood up round and stiff in its coating of ice. The smaller…

I knew that the roads were drifting fast, but as I had walked down the beach I didn't realize how fast. My one hope was to get to Fredonia and back before they became impassable. Maybe you remember the two hollows on the Lake Road just before you…

Illustration from the margins of Chapter III of Van Buren Life

Last winter and the winter before I always had water hauled for me. This winter, also, I intended to do it, but it all came about in this manner: Mr. Jackway was busy fishing and couldn't do it for weeks. So I went to Mine Chousine and offered to pay…

You may remember that the day we had our talk on the road to FredoniaI spoke of having two men at work cutting wood. Well, they loafed and fooled over the job in spite of my constantly urging them to hurry. The best wood was at the other end of the…
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