Water barrel


Water barrel


Anna's Diary


Last winter and the winter before I always had water hauled for me. This winter, also, I intended to do it, but it all came about in this manner: Mr. Jackway was busy fishing and couldn't do it for weeks. So I went to Mine Chousine and offered to pay him the usual price of 25ยข per barrel. But he, while not absolutely refusing, didn't seem to be breaking his heart at the prospect of losing it. So in disgust I went home and lugged about 20 pails of water up the cliff. This filled one barrel.

The next morning I filled the other in the same manner. When fresh snow falls I fill a barrel with that as fast as I remove the water, and so the one in the kitchen is constantly full. Those outside catch the rain and melting snow from the roof, and when a cold wave comes and they begin to freeze solid, I empty them to keep them from bursting. At other times I merely chip a hole in the ice every morning, and so keep them from bursting. It isn't much work, and yet all these little things help to fill my days to the brim.


Smith, Anna Clift


Chapter IV, "Water", Van Buren Life


December 1904


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