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About the Project

This project came about as a result of a series of meetings with State University of New York at Fredonia’s Digital Humanities Renga, formed in September 2013. Rengas are convivial, interdisciplinary groups of faculty, professionals, administrators, and in some cases students, who meet monthly to discuss topics of mutual interest. Like their namesake (a style of witty Japanese-linked poetry created in group settings), Fredonia rengas value community, collaboration, spontaneity, improvisation, and wit.

The group focused on Anna’s journal, which Fredonia owns, in order to digitize it and set up access to a website for common reading and annotating as well as community and campus use. The intent is to use a local author and local material to encourage students within the county, both at the college and the K-12 level, to use digital materials for learning, exploration, and creation.