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Illustration of Van Buren Point.

Chapter V describes provisioning for the winter.

Once in a great while I have a streak of energy. In those rare moments I hastily grab my painting kit and sally forth in quest of a picture - I don't always get it, but sometimes I do. The other morning as I sat by the sitting room window, I happened…

During the deep snow I wore skis. At first the long wooden runners bothered me. But gradually, I became accustomed to them and could travel much faster than I could without them. It is much like skating save that the feet always point straight ahead.…

My present costume is not as graceful, certainly, but far more comfy than if I wore skirts: sweater above and trousers - bicycle trousers - below, ending in felt stockings when the weather is cold, and low shoes when it is warm. In the house I wear a…
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