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Illustration from the margins of Chapter III of Van Buren Life

Anna's original handwritten and hand-illustrated letter/diary begun on 29 December 1904, found among the Judge John Lambert papers in Daniel A. Reed Library's Special Collections.

You may remember that the day we had our talk on the road to FredoniaI spoke of having two men at work cutting wood. Well, they loafed and fooled over the job in spite of my constantly urging them to hurry. The best wood was at the other end of the…

Tagul Bird
Image of a blue bird used to portray Anna's interests and the words within the shape describe Anna's traits.

Illustration from the end of Chapter XI of Van Buren Life

I knew that the roads were drifting fast, but as I had walked down the beach I didn't realize how fast. My one hope was to get to Fredonia and back before they became impassable. Maybe you remember the two hollows on the Lake Road just before you…

View of road to Fisherman's Hollow, Van Buren Point

IMG_1355 (1).JPG
A photograph was found of Anna's beloved collie, Mae.

This is a photograph of Mae that Anna had hand-colored in.
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