A diary found amoungst the papers of a local judge, John Lambert had many historians curious as to who the author was and why was it amoung the papers of this man? After reading the diary it was discovered that a local women named Anna Clift Smith left the journal behind. But, who did she leave it for? When reading the diary you will discover many of the enteries are addressed to someone named "Joe." Who would this mystery Joe turn out to be? It could be a Joseph Martino, who was mentioned in her will often or according to a resreacher on the Anna Clift Smith team, it was discovered that an old friend of Anna's, Mrs. Geraldine Briggs was called "Joe." Since the diary discusses the geography of the area and the person almost expecting the reader to understand what she is discussing. It leads some to belive that it was Mrs. Briggs. Anna seemed to plan that she was going leave the diary behind but, seemed to be meant for one reader. She tried to leave with no trail left behind her, but her story proved to have a significant interest to local historians and residents.


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